I sent an email via Autotrader to a place in Houston that had an ‘07 V50 T5 AWD. I get an immediate reply. Then a phone call. Then a text. Of course this is the same day that my wife is having surgery, so I’m not exactly in a responsive mood. Over the next 48 hours I get no fewer than 8 voicemails, 10 texts and a dozen emails, all from the same guy, all basically with the exact same verbiage. At this time I’m in caregiver mode, keeping my wife comfortable, keeping the kids out of the room, managing the house, so again not really in a place where I could talk cars. On top of this I learned more about the issues with the model and decided to move on from it.

Anyway, there’s a fine line between being responsive to a potential lead and totally going overboard like a borderline stalker. This guy is absolutely the latter.

So. What about a Mazda6 s?

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