Looked at a 2007 Infiniti M35 just now. It’s a great car. While the interior isn’t quite up to Audi Standards, and the NVH not quite to Lexus, for an 8+-year-old car, it’s great. RWD, more than adequate power, comfortable heated/cooled seats, good upgraded Bose sound system, tactile steering, responsive if dated 5-speed auto. It’s a Japanese cruiser. It’s also made from fairly ubiquitous Nissan parts. That 3.5L V6 is in everything.


What’s wrong with it? Why should I not pay $10,500 to make my shittyass daily commute more tolerable? To give me a car I wouldn’t mind driving 500 miles to visit family? Will the daily grind be too much for an aged machine with 89k miles? Will I spend more to keep it running than I would to just get a 2 or 3 year newer Camry XLE?


I’m really torn. These are real questions.The seller is moving out of the country in a week and has to sell the car by then. He has one lowball offer that I can beat.

What should I do? My head says keep the horrible CRV - the devil you know - and the gut says get the M.

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