Your pre-purchase inspection says the car is great, then you buy it, and find out it actually needs to have the front suspension rebuilt?

Took the M35 in for an alignment today at THE independent shop for this work, and learned I’d need a camber kit (control arms - Nissan 72123) because there was no way to bring the front right into spec. They said it was likely previous damage, however the PPI gave full thumbs up for steering (except for a seeping rack, which apparently many Nissans/Infinitis of this vintage suffer), chassis, and subframe.

I realize a PPI might not identify issues as relatively nuanced as camber faults, but if I’d know I’d need to spend $1,000 to make the car stable at highway speeds, I probably would not have bought it. Now I’m pissed and scared to tell my wife we’re going to need to spend more money on this amazing idea I had.


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