So proud of myself. After spending several weekends fruitlessly trying to get the gauges in my GTV6 to come back to life, I fixed them in about 15 minutes Sunday afternoon.

Turned out it was a combination of a loose ground, with the wire hiding behind the fuse panel where I couldn't even see it was disconnected, bad connectors on the printed circuit boards, which were repaired with some copper project tape and a bit o' electrical tape, and ummm... connecting the correct connectors to the gauges. Apparently the Italians count right to left (of course they do), so Red on 2, Black on 3, Pink on 5 was actually Red on 5, Pink on 2. That was good information to know.

If I can manage a mental health day off work in the next couple of weeks I suspect I can get it back on the road by spring break, which'll be perfect. My wife will be home so I won't have to take my daughter to daycare, the weather should be nice and the traffic will be relatively light. GTV6 daily, for a week at least.


That is all.

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