So my bass amp is down. It's a 1991 Trace Elliot 1210v that I bought used from bass Emporium (RIP) about 6 years ago. It was a custom rig for a local bassist who endorsed them back in the 90s. He played with Eric Johnson among others. ANYWAY, because of its custom nature they're having problems digging up the original schematics to even diagnose the problem, to say nothing of the parts to fix it.

Why do I have to own crap like this? Same with the Alfa. It's the greatest amp I've ever owned. Imagine an Ampeg SVT shrunk into a 2x10 combo (albeit one that weighs 220 pounds), tube preamp with solid state power section, 12 band EQ, sub-booster circuit (like the "octaver" in the Ashdown ABM series, which is the evolution of this amp) pushing 600 watts into 4 ohms with an Avatar extension cab. It's a monster and it fits in the back of my Fit. But repairing it requires weeks of analysis and diagnosis. This time I'm paying to have a complete work up done, which includes tracking down Mark Gooday and seeing if he still has the original schematics somewhere.


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