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Can I just posit a quick rant about the Circuit of the Americas? I've been trying to get work there, on their communications team, since May 25, 2010. I've sent resumes, letters, befriended staff on LinkedIn, and last month it seemed to possibly pay off. I FINALLY made a connection with a well-placed employee. We

So proud of myself. After spending several weekends fruitlessly trying to get the gauges in my GTV6 to come back to life, I fixed them in about 15 minutes Sunday afternoon.

This is pretty cool. The Forever War graphic novel - this one - —), free PDF download.

Bass players... anyone every set up a 4-string as BEAD using a set of strings for a fiver? We're working on some new material that's tuned way down, but I don't have a 5-string and my Fender sounds like turds when I drop the E to B, etc. I have a "spare" '81 Gibson Ripper that I think would sound pretty gnarly set up

The more I think about it, the more I'm more and more leaning toward selling the wife's Camry in a couple of years and going ahead with getting her something that'll work for as long as we can foresee, even if we have to finance some of it. That means an Outback or even a *gasp* minivan. Then in 7-10 years replace my