As some of you might recall, my little brother won a 2012 Camaro SS 45th Anniversary from GM during the 2011 Super Bowl. The dealer even paid his license and taxes if he'd agree to appear in promotions and let them use the car from time to time in parades and such.

Well, three years and 25,000 miles later, he's about to graduate college (finally, at the age of 33), already has a sweet job lined up, and is getting engaged. His fiance is driving a 2008 GMC Envoy Denali on an 80 mile round trip commute every day and they're spending a ridiculous amount of money on gas. So somehow, my little brother decides to man up and trade the Camaro on something fuel efficient for her, and take the Envoy for himself since it's worth far less and his daily commute involves a bicycle.

At first he's looking at small cars like the Mazda3 and Civic. Then at diesels like the Jetta and Golf, and even used higher end cars like a BMW 335D. But then they find a 2013 Volt at a local dealership. About 14,000 miles, warranty remaining, immaculate condition, traded in for a Cadillac ELR, and for only $22,000. The best part is his fiancee works at a university with a charging station right up front by her office.


So my brother trades the Camaro on the Volt, gets back about $2,000, and has no taxes or fees. Now he's saving that money, plus whatever he can get for the Envoy, for what he really wanted to trade the Camaro for in the first place - a new WRX.

Say what you will about the Volt, I'm just impressed with his maturity in this situation.

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