To clarify, this is what I saw yesterday.

To go home, I take I35 south to Ben White to MoPac, exit Davis Lane, etc. Traffic gets pretty snarled on MoPac due to 60,000 people wanting to go in three different directions within about 300 feet of pavement. Then MoPac ends at a traffic light, and everyone goes to their house. I exit Davis and turn left.

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So as you're exiting MoPac, there's a long, probably 200 foot ramp that ends in a 3-way stop. You can go left or right. Traffic stacks up 50 cars deep. The right turn lane tends to move more quickly than the left turn lane, but it's a steady flow.


So there I was, about 5 or 6 cars from it being my turn, when I notice a beigey stanced Accord coming down the center, between the two distinct lanes of traffic. He passes every car, California stops at the sign, and proceeds to turn left.

Let me be absolutely clear, there is no dual-turn here. It's one lane left, one lane right.


So Mr. Dickscratch makes his move just as the car whose turn it actually was proceeds from the sign. And guess what happened? I'll wait...

The car who was in the legal turn lane goes for the outside lane, which is, you guessed it, exactly where this Accord was heading. Right in the guy's blind spot.


The accord driver sees the Nissan Quest is coming right for him and instead of braking, goes for a Blue Angel thrust and spin maneuver, trying to go under and around him. It of course goes awry and there's a fender bender. Several drivers get out to loudly exclaim they saw the whole thing. I assume. It was hot and I had my windows up. My sense of civic responsibility wishes this to be the case.

Anyway, in summary, impatient, aggressive monkey bung tries to cheat on the social contract as well as traffic laws and causes a rush hour accident. Whee!


I've seen this move several times over the past few weeks. This is the first time I've witnessed an accident.

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