He’s (possibly) offering:

“1990 Miata with a oem hardtop, full exhaust and header, full set of european coilovers which I currently forget the manufacturer of, 15x8 and 15x9 wheels with new tires in back 0 miles, new fuel pump, timing belt, water pump, wires, plugs, and the big one i replaced the shortnose crank and pulley so no worries about the pully deciding to wobble off. Car is around 120,000 miles i dont recall an exact number at the moment and i have it titled in my name. Im sure im missing a few things but i dont really drive it after i got the hardtop i started to sand it to paint but never got around to it. Currently the clearcoat is all off and it basically looks like a very low gloss black paintjob. If you are interested I can get pictures.”

For this:


Also has an SW20 MR2 NA, 5-speed. I don’t think I’d be happy with the NA motor though, knowing the turbo has 70 more hp.

Anyway, thoughts? Everything I know about the early NA is the crank was the only real issue, and this one is fixed.

I was actually shopping for an NA Miata when I foundmyGTV6. I’ve always wanted one. My wife doesn’t care as long as it brings me joy. The GTV6 has most definitely NOT brought me much joy these past few years.

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