Can I just posit a quick rant about the Circuit of the Americas? I've been trying to get work there, on their communications team, since May 25, 2010. I've sent resumes, letters, befriended staff on LinkedIn, and last month it seemed to possibly pay off. I FINALLY made a connection with a well-placed employee. We talked. He seemed to think I'd be a good fit. He'd get back to me.

Seems they have no interest in courting the "auto enthusiast crowd" whatsoever. They are only interested in appealing to the "high-end tourists". F1 fans who can be talked into coming back to Austin for Grand Am, Aussie V8s, MotoGP, etc. Big spenders who are there for the scene, not the racing.

You realize, COTA folks, that F1 is a single race? And that your business model relies on other racing series? Racing series that are even more esoteric than F1? And that maybe, just maybe, being able to relate to potential fans (ie auto enthusiasts, to start) with some sort of coherent, consistent communications strategy that appeals to their sensibilities MIGHT be a good idea? That every event isn't champagne wishes and caviar dreams?


The fact they're advertising the Grand Am race with a very haughty fake British accent seems to indicate they don't really understand how to relate the excitement of motorsports, regardless of series, to an American, and especially a Texan, audience. Staffing-wise, they ALL come from horse racing. Go figure. It's all about the fashion, the money, the exclusivity. That's their predominant angle.

If they're going to succeed, they need to embrace gearhead culture, not eschew it. They need to relate to a local (or regional) crowd, not belittle them. Every action, policy and marketing campaign they have taken up to this point has done nothing but step on the toes of the people who will help them succeed, and squandered a lot of good will.

I don't get their strategy at all. And it's not just because they won't hire me. Seriously. I just don't get it.

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