A cheap, relatively poorly made car from a company that hasn't sold a car in America for 30-odd years, marketed as a fashion accessory for hipsters, is transformed into an ADHD afflicted pomeranian with the engine note of a Lamborghini Countach running on 1/3 of its cylinders and 75+ HP worth of badging and decals. » 3/02/15 11:35am Today 11:35am

The $200 Alpine head unit that I installed (by myself in under an hour) in my CRV is so much more reliable and easy to use than the $4,000 upgraded Entune system in my wife's new Highlander that I can't even laugh about it. Because she'll hit me. » 2/26/15 10:13am Thursday 10:13am

My youngest daughter has hoof and mouth disease or somesuch, so I stayed home. Let me rephrase - I called my insurance and had them send a nanny/nurse to spend the day with her ($20 co-pay) while I worked on the 12 looming deadlines poking my gullet like so many perturbed Brutii. » 2/19/15 4:35pm 2/19/15 4:35pm